The Harleq Ottomans Footstools Collection
Harleq Oval Twist
The new outstanding POP coffee table, open lid box ottoman, the design was inspired by the french 1920 Art Decò with a revisited shape and innovative pipe/tubes paddings
Harleq Oval Tubes
Our latest ottoman/table open box, designed by us with innovative tubes padding, perfect also a seat in front of the bed
Harleq Aviator Extension
Our latest footstool/table, the designed was inspired by the french 1920 Art Decò, perfect to extend the seat of the Aviator Sofa/Chair
Harleq Ionic-In/Out
An architectural table footstool made with a complext curved shape and capitonné running all over it, exclusive design covered by out signature patchwork leathers or monocolour
Harleq Flag Cushion Stool
Our latest design following flags patterns, made by patchwork leathers. All pieces are cutted and sewn by hand together
Harleq Queen Anne Footstool
A perfect footstool to relax on the Queen Anne chair, can be used also as a small coffee table. The scheme follows our patented design, made with patchwork leathers
Harleq Cushion Footstool
An cushion footstool made with our signature patented patchwork leathers combination available in a open lid box with cushion or buttons on top, we can do also bespoke dimensions and different leathers/patternssign covered by out signature patchwork leathers or monocolour