Handmade in
England & Italy

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patchwork leathers bags handsewn

Design and Quality

The brand “Harleq” is synonymous of Chesterfield sofa experts, Unusual Design goods exclusively manufactured in England and Designed in Italy. The new Luxury Bags Collection and other special bespoke signature pieces are totally Handmade in Italy.

Unique Details, Exclusive manufacture from high experience Craftmen. Each items is handmade, assembled in our workshops and factories both it England and in Italy, totally designed by us.

Exclusive Brand

We don’t care about quantity. We just know that every piece that comes from our lab is the highest representation of quality and attention to details.

Vintage hides wisely rubbed-off, selected italian leathers handsewn together, individually inserted studs, 30+ years of experience in leather goods and Chesterfields.

All our chesterfields luxury livingroom patchwork models are protected by a specific patent that assures all our customers to receive only The Original Harleq, against all fake and poor quality imitations.

luxury patchwork leather chesterfield