The Harleq Family
The Spine Bag

Our latest creation.


For every day use. Absolute different paddings and shapes.

A Curvy Design Bag

A Totally curved basket small shaped bag.

Very easy to wear, the strap can be used as a handle or extended  for a shoulder bag use.

A unique precious piece with exclusively curved paddings creating an innovative shape. Available also in two different backpacks versions.

harleq curvy pochette rainbow
The Sphinx Bag: Architectural Pochette.

A small wearable pochette Totally New.

Inspired by geometries of the ancient Egypt, this never-before-seen bag is made using the finest accessories and highest care of details.

Innovative metallic and electric leathers including black and white reptile edition.

The Triangles Bag: Innovative Shapes.

Light and Soft, the new Harleq Triangles has a unique shape, entirely handmade, each piece is assembled and hand-cutted. Totally different and Unusual!

The HARLEQ Bauletto. A unique Patchwork bag handmade using handsewn leathers and innovative paddings.

Italian Leathers Handsewn together and Rubbed-off individually. Each Part is Made and Assembled in Italy.

A High-Finish Leather Shoulder Strap included that can be attached with brass detailed hooks, total height: 51cm.

Perfect for every-day use!

vintage leather harleq side