Innovative Paddings,
Exclusive Handmade Shapes,
Vintage Leathers.
.This is the Triangles Bag.
The Triangles Bag is THE new ICON

Triangles, new shapes.

Paddings highlighting the form of a Unique Design Bag. Made Vintage handcoloured hides.

Bespoke Colors, unusual accessories, an icon Bag.

Unusual Hidden Opening

The closure mechanism is completely bespoke, covered with leather.
Unique opening done by a pressure of the finger on the edge on the handle makes it lift up easly! Tha handle is linked to the bag thanks to a classy chain.

The inside.

Smart use of the internal space. With an additional middle zip pocket everything will fit in this every-day bag.

Unique Side Design

The side has an incredible design never seen before. Three high finished triangle shaped leathers are sewn together highlighting the personality of this Bag.

Perfect for every-day use!