Harleq spinx pochette blue leather
The Sphinx pochette is THE new ICON

Geometries, new shapes.

Paddings highlighting the form of a Unique Design Bag inspired by the ancient egyptian architecture. Made with Vintage handcoloured or luxury modern hides.

Bespoke Colors, unusual accessories, an icon Bag.

Harleq spinx pochette orange leather
Unusual Strap Design

Strap design show the continuity of the front of the pochette, using bespoke handmade little triangle shapes, entirely covered by leather

Unique Front Design

The front has an incredible design never seen before. More than 50 different part handshaped and using high finished details and leathers are sewn together highlighting the personality of this Bag.

DIfferent Geometric Expressions

We select our exclusive rubbed off colors to have a vintage effect, or metallic luxury italian leathers to have a completely different classy design.

luxury pochette black modern harleq sphinx
Even more Precious!

We select the best Reptile Leathers to make the Sphinx Pochette even more desired!

gold pochette harleq open

The bag interiors are defined by a structured middle pocket with a zip compartment. The pochette opens with a closure magnetic mechanism.


We select only the finesh and best chains and accessories to give a higher value to the Sphinx Pochette