The Harleq Bag is a Sculpture of Leather.
100% Made in Italy.
Bag Engineering

From the sketches to a precise scheme.


Everything has to be maniacally calculated to reduce any leather loss or waste.


No mistakes during this phase.

Adjust the gaps

Distances between the latch mechanism and the leather.


Space from each individually inserted nail, contour, shape and outline.


All these rules need to be written and respected to have a perfect balanced bag.

Leather Cut
Selected Leather Pieces

We cut and select each leather in a particular diamond shape that will be handsewn on each side.

Think of all sizes

There is not just a single measure, in this phase we separe all the parts.

The bag is full of different sizes of leather pieces, from the sides to the small internal parts that complete a stunning finished details.

patchwork leathers bags handsewn
Sewing them together
Handsewn leathers

After the cutting, all leather pieces are sewn together precisely, one by one, to form the body of the bag.

Each Harleq Bag has an incredible total of 66 diamond shaped leather pieces.

Composing the Bag

Assembling all these parts together is a really hard work.

Thanks to high experienced craftmen with a lot of patience, all is perfect combined together.

The brass closure and logo openings are bespoke for the Harleq Bag, together with the rest,

it is 100% Made in Italy with Love.