Finest Details,
Exclusive Manufacture,
Vintage Leathers.
This is the Harleq Bag.
The HARLEQ Truck. Can be used also as a Shoulder Bag with Exclusive Vintage Colours

Italian Leathers Handsewn together and Rubbed-off individually. Each Part is Made and Assembled in Italy.

A High-Finish Leather Shoulder Strap included that can be attached with brass detailed hooks, total height: 51cm.

Perfect for every-day use!

luxury design leather handbag borsa harleq vintage
Individual Studs

We decided to embellish both sides of the Harleq Bag with dozens of individually inserted brass studs.
The result is a unique outline of the trunk shape.

So Original!

Studs on Each Side
Total Studs
vintage leather harleq side
leather bag luxury handmade
Brass Closure and Logo Opening

The closure mechanism is completely bespoke, a brass finish detail.
Unique opening easly done with the pressure of the logo makes the Harleq Bag Handsome!

So many handsewn leathers!

It is unbelievable that in such a small bag there are an incredible amount of small leather diamonds handsewn one by one.

The Harleq Bag is a sculpture of leather.

Leather Diamonds Pieces on each Side
Leather Diamonds Pieces in Total
Great Interiors!

Smart use of space.

The Harleq Bag has a central zip compartmen, interior pockets including one for Smartphones.

All of them in such a small bag!

leather interior bag harleq
open bag leather harleq